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Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church

Sviesos g. 2, Telsiai, Lithuania

As of May 31, 2018, the Catholic Church in its entirety comprises 3,160 ecclesiastical jurisdictions, including over 645 archdioceses and 2,236 dioceses, as well as apostolic vicariates, apostolic exarchates, apostolic administrations, apostolic prefectures, military ordinariates, personal ordinariates, personal prelatures, territorial prelatures, territorial abbacies and missions sui juris around the world. In addition to these jurisdictions, there are 2,103 titular sees . This is a structural list to show the relationships of each diocese to one another, grouped by ecclesiastical province, within each episcopal conference, within each continent or other geographical area. The list needs regular updating and is incomplete, but as articles are written up, more will be added, and various aspects need to be regularly updated.
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